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Here are the services we offer in which deliver our Core expertise.

Entro Labs pioneers high quality, affordable, reliable and scalable Enterprise Application Services (EAS). We help our clients' organization to achieve better sharing of information, through simplifying of the IT processes, automating workflows and improving the IT flexibility. We help to integrate digital customer experiences, attract and retain high quality talent, engage your business network, manage business operations effectively. Significantly, each aspect of our IT portfolio is directed at achieving far-reaching impact for the client’s organization.

Entro Labs offers end-to-end support on product development, and maintenance. This goes without saying that we also bring proven expertise in product designing and prototyping with an assurance on robust product performance. Taking this further is our innovative and full-scale business process automation, that leverages on software applications to automate all the client's repeatable business activities and services. Through automation we ensure to each client process accuracy, efficiency, visibility, and compliance. Of significance is our equal focus on SaaS and Cloud Computing. We capably offer our clients SaaS as a Cloud Service. The choice of one for the other is driven by cost considerations, geographical reach, and value generated in terms of business continuity for the clients.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application Services

Entro Labs is your effective and reliable Enterprise Software developer. Understandably, the development of complex business systems requires professional approach and values. Our proven business consulting process includes custom user's requirement management, workflow visualization, and UI/UX prototyping and system specifications development.

Software Product

Software Product Engineering

Entro Labs partners with local and global business to provide reliable, scalable and innovative software product engineering services. This includes innovating, designing, developing, testing and deploying a software product. We can capably manage the entire product life cycle, starting from the idea being conceived to the deployment and user acceptance testing phase.


Mobility Solutions

Entro Labs offers innovative and reliable Enterprise mobility solutions, that meet the basic purpose where employees can work anytime and anywhere, using a wide range of devices and applications. With our robust and custom enterprise mobility solutions, individuals and businesses can use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets for different business purposes.

Business Process

Business Process Services

Entro Labs' Business Process Services (BPS) offers innovative and best-in-class support for managing and executing business operations. Our team of experts brings domain expertise to each client engagement. We deal equally with the core business processes as well as support services.

Platform Solutions

Industry & Platform Solutions

Entro Labs specializes in providing industry and platform specific technology solutions. We do this capably by leveraging on either the on-premise or cloud platforms. Companies looking for partial or total migration from on-premise to cloud is provided with the right, custom and innovative solution.

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