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Retail Digital Payment Solutions Overview

For the retail sector the challenge has been to adapt the best and robust payment channel. Entro Labs offers an end-to-end, unified, innovative and robust retail payment platform that helps retailers to offer an omni-channel and delightful shopping experience to customers.

Entro Labs retail payment solutions enable retail institutions to accept different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, net-banking, wallets via mobile app, web checkout, QR code, NFC, kiosks, POS, etc. Our retail payments platform offers different functions. These include invoicing, chargeback, and refund mechanisms with inbuilt reconciliation and settlement module to help retail institutions work smoothly.

Entro Labs retail payments platform helps retail institutions launch campaigns, give rewards and incentives to loyal customers. Our platform solution helps businesses to interact with customers via mobile notifications to sustain customer loyalty and achieve repeat business.

  • Omni Channel Experience

  • Comprehensive suite of reports

  • Integrated Device Management module

  • Powerful Loyalty Management Solution

  • NFC and QR Code based proximity Payments

  • Seamless On-boarding and user management process

  • Reconciliation and Settlement module with easy charge-backs and refunds

  • Bundled mobile App and Web UI

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