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Global businesses today face stiff competition for markets, customer loyalty, and product innovation. All this demands business transformation capably achieved by collaborating with the most successful technology partners. Based in Hyderabad, India, Entro Labs Pvt Ltd transforms business enterprises with an offer of next generation digital capabilities. Our focus is on making each business adopt and innovate new operating models and business processes, turn resilient in response to the market, and surge their core business performance.

For the last one decade, we have helped different businesses across diverse sectors to leverage on reliable, scalable, innovative and value driven enterprise-level solutions. Significantly, we co-work and collaborate with the clients' internal teams to understand their core IT needs, and offer the most agile and resilient technology solutions. Initially, our focus has been on enabling the State Governments in India to adopt and derive inordinate benefits of e-Governance. With an offer of seamless and innovative solutions, we have forged strategic partnerships with different Government Departments in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. At the next level, we have also collaborated with prominent Educational Institutions, Corporate and Industrial Clients across India.

The experience and knowledge gained by working with different Government Entities and the Corporate Clients has indeed helped us to focus on furthering digital disruption across industries, globally. Entro Labs brings experienced IT professionals and business specialists to each project engagement. We believe in IT specialization and team’s strength. We have teams of software architects and developers, and specialized teams working on different IT projects. We work as your inalienable and collaborative partner towards building digital capabilities that play a prominent role in transformation of global businesses.

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Our History

In 2015, a small group of technology enthusiasts came together and decided to script a new chapter in the history of IT industry of India. The group was greatly motivated by a lofty vision to partner and collaborate with global organizations in their movement towards transforming into competitive and complete digital enterprises. To begin with, the focus of the group of business leaders and IT specialists was on collaborating with State governments of India (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) with an offer of latest and innovative e-Governance and IoT solutions. We also provide digital solutions to prominent Educational Institutions, Corporate and Industrial Clients across India.

When Entro Labs was founded in 2015 the team included Shanmukha Teja Verma Gottumukkala, Founder & CEO, and 3 other domain specialists. Now, the team has more than 100 specialists, working as part of 12 teams bringing domain specialization, and offering industry-specific software solutions. By working with State Governments and Departments we could contribute to strengthening and stabilizing e-governance in India. With this experience, we march towards developing reliable, scalable, technology-driven and business-specific IT solutions. Significantly, we have re-defined the focus and direction of our IT portfolio of the future.

Our Mission & Vision

To contribute our part to the business growth of our customers with an offer of reliable, scalable, innovative and affordable enterprise-level, mobility, software product engineering, business process, and industry-specific software solutions. We ensure that our IT services create value and reliable competitive advantage to our customers around the globe

To partner and collaborate with global organizations in their movement towards transforming into competitive and complete digital enterprises


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