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Mobile App Development Overview

Mobile apps are an easy way to accomplish a number of tasks from the convenience of one's mobile. Bill payments, bookings and admissions, online tests, records and reporting, updates and renewals almost everything done as a matter of routine are accomplished by mobile apps. Understandably, there are robust and dynamic technologies behind the development of each mobile app. Entro Labs pioneers industry-specific and technology driven mobile apps development to meet the ever changing demands of the clients, rising customer expectations, competition and market dynamics.

  • Entro Labs specializes in both Android and iOS mobile apps development.

  • When developing a native Android mobile app we use Java or Kotlin which is a very reputable programming language. This is an open source technology with many tools and libraries to help developers.

  • When it comes to building an iOS app we choose either Objective-C or Swift.

  • Our team also specializes in developing cross-platform apps.

  • Our team of mobile apps developers adapts React Native that uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps.

  • Whatever may be your mobile platform, framework and environment, we design, build and publish the best-in-class, high quality and innovative mobile apps.

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