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Entro Labs Quality Assurance (QA) services help to prevent mistakes and defects in manufactured products. Understandably, QA is a very crucial function performed by specialized personnel before delivering products or services to customers. We understand the stiff competition faced by local and global businesses. It is only a specialized and independent service provider that can offer quality assurance services at very affordable prices.

The software delivered is ensured to be free of bugs and greatly functional. Our team of QA experts uses a combination of testing processes to identify functional weaknesses, improve user design, and protect sensitive consumer data.

The benefits of Entro Labs cloud communication services include,

  • Functional Testing: Our QA testers ensure that each application developed is only deemed successful if it meets all of the client’s functional requirements.

  • Performance Testing: Here, our QA testers focus on software aspects like processing speed, workload efficiency, reliability, and data transfer rates.

  • Automated Testing: Entro Labs QA experts perform automated testing to identify more vulnerabilities than manual testing. Significantly, the automated testing makes testing multilingual software much easier.

  • Usability Testing: Our QA experts focus on user interface (UI) and experience (UX) design that are crucial for modern software development. We conduct usability audit to identify interface usability issues and find ways to correct these problems.

  • Security Testing: Data privacy and security are the primary concerns of global businesses. Entro Labs team of programmers, security experts, design specialists, and testers collaborate to integrate security testing into every step of the software development lifecycle.

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