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Porting & Localization Services Overview

Entro Labs offers high quality, reliable, innovative and value-driven software migration or porting services. Our IT architects specialize in porting across multiple platforms and multiple languages/locales. We have put in place a proven migration methodology that provides a well-defined, rigorous approach to delivery of complex migration programs. Significantly, our re-engineering services follow a well-defined process. This means to allow a smooth transition to the new environment, thus minimizing risks to the business.

Entro Labs migration methodology provides a well-defined, and rigorous approach to delivery of complex migration programs. This includes,

  • Migration Planning: Includes Aims & Objectives, High level functional requirements, Non-functional requirements, Migration strategy, Reconciliation strategy, Identify data owners & build team, Strategy & approach document

  • Source Data Preparation: Includes List of all data sources, Define data quality metrics, Define data remediation process, Prepare cleansed data store

  • Data Mapping: Data mapping, and Gap analysis

  • Migration Development: Build conversion tools, Build load tools, Build reconciliation tools, Build reporting, Migration cookbook, Unit test

  • Trial and UAT: Run trial migrations, UAT, Feedback, Optimization, Transitional processes

  • Go Live:

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