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The Andhra Pradesh government is on a mission to improve the lives of its people by providing essential nutrition, healthcare, and preschool services across all 26 districts through 257 projects. Committed to reducing anemia and malnutrition, the government is dedicated to ensuring that every pregnant woman, lactating mother, and child aged 6-72 months has access to supplementary nutrition through Anganwadi Centers.

In this pursuit, we developed the Supervision App to help the secretariats to easily monitor and enhance the delivery of these vital services at Anganwadi Centers, ultimately ensuring that the government's ambitious goals are met.

This app offers a multi-tiered approach to ensure the efficient delivery of services at Anganwadi Centers. We've got a hierarchy of roles, including Supervisors, CDPOs, PDs, RJDs, and JC, each playing a crucial part in this vital process.

Here's how it works: Supervisors are the dedicated heroes at the heart of the action, responsible for delivering services at the Anganwadi Centers. Each Supervisor receives unique login credentials. Once they're in, Supervisors can create visits to both AWCs and homes to deliver the services. The application is also equipped with facial recognition technology, a futuristic feature that records attendance effortlessly, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Supervisors are not alone on this mission. They're closely monitored by CDPOs, who, in turn, are overseen by the vigilant PDs. And at the top of the pyramid is the JC, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly and efficiently.

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